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My name is Donna, Dons to family and friends and to most of my students and clients that know me well. I am a fully certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and hatha yoga teacher since 2010.

I was known as a wellness junkie, doing as many personal development workshops and health courses as I could.

I’m also a fully qualified Massage, Bowen Therapy and Ear Candling Practioner. I am passionate about health and wellness and have been for 12 years, developing my personal practice / business. I love to share the knowledge and wisdom I have learnt along my path.

I haven’t always lived this way, I should say wellness and health wasn’t in my vocabulary for many years. I lived a destructive path for most of my late teenager and adult years. I loved to party and classed myself as a free spirit with no boundaries. I lived life to the fullest and I first began this journey when I drove solo around Australian for two and half  years at the age of 22.

I continued my travels abroad living in England for a few years, then on to the next adventure driving through Europe with a good friend. At the time I was free and happy, I was independent and living “the dream”.

By the end of Europe I was craving for nature and had arranged to meet 2 girlfriends in Johannesburg, South Africa. My family and friends all thought we were mad, 3 women driving in the heart of Africa from South Africa to Kenya. Not knowing that this would change my life forever.

Flying into Africa I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions and I remember telling my friend as I was looking out the window that “I feel like I’m coming home” but I had a sickening feeling in my gut knowing that this trip will change my life, repeated messages warning to be careful. After a few months, I forgot that message and became a little reckless.

I’ve always have a deep love for nature and animals and to be in the heart of open land where I watch animals walk freely gave me a sense of freedom and joy. Africa was a soulful journey, my appreciation for what I have as I witnessed the poverty, seeing the joy in children’s eyes, spending days camping around a fire. I was at home.

After 9 months, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, ignoring my gut instinct.

My Life Changed Forever

I returned to Australia at the age of 28. I settled down into a traditional lifestyle, working in a school supporting children with autism, living a “safe” lifestyle.

Physically and mentally I was drained. I was highly stressed and anxious, which led to poor sleep patterns, nightmares and my body ached with chronic pain and constant cold sores. It was only a matter of time that my past life would catch up to me. I had a complete physical and emotional breakdown, a combination of chronic fatigue and post-traumatic stress.

I realized I needed to make a change.

Finally I woke up, and started to make change. I dived into a holistic counselling course and sought professional help from a counsellor, naturopath and bodywork therapies. I had to take back control of my health and life.

I desperately wanted to find inner peace and learn to trust my inner voice again.


It’s taken a lot of healing to find happiness and find the connection to my truth. I’m constantly working toward forgiveness and trust.

And this is where the magic begins!

Each day I learned to fall in love with myself and to feed my mind, my body and my soul.
Now I want to help guide you, it will be my joy and honour to teach and share my knowledge of yoga and holistic health with you.

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