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Be Balanced offers holistic service to anyone, regardless of age, gender, level of fitness.
  • Remedial Recovery Programs for Physical & Mental Health
  • Holistic l Programs for Mental Health
  • Holistic Nutrition Health Coaching
  • Self- Care Programs
  • Private one on one
  • Yoga therapy
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As a holistic practitioner Donna combines her knowledge from Holistic Living Counselling with Bowen Therapy and Massage (Swedish and Remedial) and her teaching in Iyengar Yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Meditation to provide a quality of holistic remedial programs to help people who have been on a long road to recovery.  These programs can be effective for rehabilitation from sport injuries, Workcover and ATC accidents or chronic pain that works towards integrating body and mind connection.

Through personal experience I have learnt to appreciate mind body connection and have the ability to be present and truly listen while observing my clients body language words and tones, while they share their story. Providing the space and service for them to raise self-awareness.



The Recovery Programs for Physical and Mental Health will help to assess your conditions and treat you in a holistic way.  Our bodies are complex made up of skeleton, muscles, soft tissue, organs, skin, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints and there’s a lot that needs looking after. Together we will work towards and treat the whole body not just the physical body, it’s now been recognised that the impact chronic pain and long term injuries from accidents has on the mental health

With an individual program, patience and home practice that works with a holistic approach towards body mind connection and a sustainable wellness plan. Depending on program we will revisit weekly for 6 to 10 weeks.
Program that will nourish your body and spirit to make your recovery with the following:

Headaches and migraines - Acute to chronic that may be caused by neck misalignment.

Neck pain - Acute and chronic pain and stiffness that may be caused from computer poor posture or whiplash.

Shoulder tendonitis and frozen shoulder etc - These conditions are slow to heal and difficult to treat however with practice and treatment may bring balance to the structure of the shoulder joint to help reduce pain and to assist the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligament to be pain free that has over compensates from the injured area.

Lower back – acute and chronic pain related to stiffness, poor posture, injury, herniation pain from bulges.

Scoliosis - stiffness and pain from scoliosis can be reduce with regular joint mobilization and supporting surrounding muscles and tendons to be pain free.

Facet joint pain - acute or chronic pain is sharp and breathtaking during certain movements with a treatment program may help release tension on the facet joints.

Sports injuries - from shoulder knee to ankle, refer to sports massage

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and many more.

Holistic Coaching

Self-Care Programs

To simply put, self-care is an art of establishing personal responsibility for self-physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. Practicing self-care is being preventative, not getting selfish.

Private yoga class

Refer to Iyengar page

Yoga intensive

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Remedial Recovery Programs

The Remedial Recovery Program combines Iyengar private one on one class and an one hour  remedial or sport massage.

Yoga & Remedial Massage - 4 weeks 

2 private one to one yoga class + home program

4 remedial massage


Yoga & Remedial Massage - 6 weeks 

3 private one to one yoga class + home program

6 remedial massage


Yoga & Bowen Therapy- 4 weeks 

2 private one to one yoga class + home program

4 Bowen Therapy


Yoga & Bowen Therapy- 6 weeks 

3 private one to one yoga class + home program

6 Bowen Therapy


Holistic Living Nutrition Health Coach (coming soon)

The Holistic Living Health Coach Package combines an hour nutrition health coach  consult, private one on one yoga class,  intuitively one hour relaxation massage.

Health Consult, body treatment & yoga – 4 weeks

2 private nutrition health consults,

4 Swedish massage

1 private one to one yoga and pranayama class + home program


Health Consult, body treatment & yoga - 6 weeks

3 private nutrition health consults,

6 Swedish massage or Bowen Therapy

1 private one to one yoga and pranayama class + home program


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