Terms and Conditions

The structure of Be Balanced- Yoga & Wellness studio is to run courses  (class) in sync with the Victoria primary school terms. Terms consist of 9 to 10 weeks courses (depending on professional development training or Wye Yoga Retreat). During the school holidays Be Balanced Yoga timetable runs casual class or 4 night intensives or workshops.


Why courses and not just casual classes: To get the most out of your yoga, full term enrolment is ultimately a much better option. Yoga is a process of transformation involving both the body and the mind using methods of asana and pranayama.  In order to bring this transformation, yoga places great value on the qualities of regularity, focus and commitment, this is why Be Balanced encourages course enrolments rather than casual classes.


Iyengar classes: Teachers present one pose at a time offering detailed instructions about alignment. This methodical, unhurried approach allows students to learn to do each pose properly and safely, and to use props to effectively modify for injuries or limitations.


When necessary individual correction and adjustment on students (Iyengar yoga is hand on)


Registration and Health Form:  All students are required to complete a registration form ideally at the beginner of each year.  Should any injuries or medical issues arise after completing this form your teacher must be notified before you attend classes. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss.


Booking: At the beginning of each term I encourage all students to book in their preferred class by email and to confirm your spot full payment must be made by bank transfer before the term /class begins (no saving or holding a spot).  Class sizes are limited to 8-10 people depending on class and level, please note Beginners & Restorative evening classes becoming very popular.


Full Enrolment Make Up: If you miss a class there are only two make-up classes per term for all students. As the courses run in a systematic curriculum, make-up classes may be caught up ideally in the same week or as close to the time you missed your regular class as possible.

You may also make up a class in advance within the term (for example, knowing you will be absent in week 6 you could come twice in week 4). Please do the best you can so the end of term classes aren’t overwhelmed with make ups, if classes are full you may lose them.


These 2 make up classes are not refundable or transferable to the school holiday programs or the following term.


Cancellation policy: Course fees at Be Balanced are non-refundable or non-transferable, except in cases where a genuine medical reason exists. Notice must be given within 7 days by an email and attachment of a medical certificate by your local G.P.


Credits / holding: Will only be given under circumstances such as injury or bereavement. Notice must be given within 7 days by an email and attachment of a medical certificate by your local G.P. Minimum period of pause is 3 weeks with an exception of serious illness or bereavement maximum period is 3 months


Be Balanced Culture: Be mindful when entering and setting up for class, some students may already be enjoying a quiet meditation before class begins.


Card Pass: 5 Week Card Pass expires during the term of purchase (no extension available no pausing /holding available). Card pass is only valid for one class, no swiping or changing classes.


Late to Class: If you are running 5-10 minutes late you are welcome to join a class.  Once the class has started please respect the students already in class practicing pranayama, please do not grab yoga props as this disturbs the class and goes straight to an available yoga mat. After 10 minutes the doors will be locked


PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Student's personal belongings and valuables remain their responsibility at all times. Be Balanced – Yoga & Wellness does not provide secure lockers for student belongings. Please store all belongings in the cubbies in the shoe area to keep the studio floor uncluttered. Best to bring less!


Introduction Pass: ‘Intro Pass’ is available for new students to Be Balanced-Yoga & Wellness only and is valid for 7 days after your first visit. No pausing /holding available.


Casual Bookings:  Booking is recommended as there is a limited space and equipment. Please contact Donna.